Aegis is a member of advisory panels serving the Australian Energy Markets Commission (the market regulator) and the Energy Ministers Council reporting to the Council of Australian Governments (the peak governance body bringing together all levels of government).

To enhance our access to global data and expertise Aegis has an alliance with VaasaETT, an energy think tank and consultancy based in Helsinki and Brussels.

VassaETT delivers consumer-oriented best practice, strategies and solutions to the global energy and utilities industry. It hosts world leading comparative data on energy retail markets.

Together Aegis and VassaETT offer government, regulators and energy companies one integrated source of expertise to help match energy policy reform with consumer behavior.

About the Aegis/VassaETT alliance you can read more.

Recent global reports by VassaETT include Smart Billing and Smart Grids. Find out more about VassaETT :

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Case Studies :

Competition Policy
Energy Retailers Association of Australia

As governments seek to implement smart technology like grids and meters to improve demand management, relationships with energy users and business models will change. Our competition policy analysis and public affairs strategy helped the Energy Retailers Association of Australia shape national smart technology policy.

Australian and New South Wales Governments

Our experts advised Australian governments on the original reform program for electricity and gas markets under national competition policy. This included developing policy and legislative options for corporatisation, the application of trade practices law and regulation of monopoly infrastructure.

Policy/Regulatory Evaluation
European Union

Our experts have advised EU and non-EU countries on the regulation of gas transmission and conflict management.

Global Renewables

Our policy analysis, submissions and advocacy strategy enabled Global Renewables to shape the NSW Government energy from waste policy.

Communications Management
European Union

Our experts have advised EU and non EU governments on the regulatory and public affairs issues regarding nuclear energy safety and waste management.

Community Engagement
Northern Territory Government

We advised the Government on the capacity of Indigenous communities in remote locations to pay increased costs for energy.