Aged, Child & Disability Care

Our team includes Angela Gifford who for 30 years has owned and operated one of the United Kingdom’s largest home care services organisations for the elderly and people with disability. Angela speaks regularly to other organisations around the world about service delivery strategy, and has been advising providers in Australia since 2009.

In 2013 Angela gave the key note address at the 2nd Annual National Disability Summit in Australia. She spoke on the policy and regulatory changes in the United Kingdom to support greater private provision of care services and the benefits this had delivered for those needing care.

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Case Studies :

Policy Evaluation
Peak Australian Business Groups

Child care affordability and accessibility is a perennial policy issue in Australia and many countries. Business groups asked us to design a scheme that enabled tax exemptions for employer sponsored childcare delivered outside the workplace. We developed a policy and economic case and several submissions to government departments and parliamentary inquiries that won widespread support from employers, parents and childcare providers. Our proposed scheme was adopted by the Australian Labor Party, and included in its national election policy platform.

Council of Australian Governments

All of the governments in Australia wanted to develop an agenda for future research to guide their thinking about disability policy. We developed and implemented the strategy to consult with key stakeholders in the disability sector. This included facilitating a national roundtable and preparing a report for Ministers on the recommended policy research agenda.

Communications Management
Department of Family and Community Services – New South Wales Government

There is a new focus on child protection all over the world. It is often controversial to remove children from their parents. We designed and implemented a communication and stakeholder management strategy that won support for the NSW Government’s new child protection legislation.